Phobia_Unconscious Desire
1999.05.21.(Fri) ─ 1999.06.11.(Fri)
Unexpected Visit Ⅱ_SSamzie Workshop
1999.05.03.(Mon) ─ 1999.05.16.(Sun)
Beyond the Sea_Song Burn-soo & Fukumoto Shigeki Dual Exhibition
1999.04.09.(Fri) ─ 1999.04.30.(Fri)
New Vision 5_Reproduction Garden_Yang Man-Ki Installation Exhibition
1999.03.08.(Mon) ─ 1999.03.28.(Sun)
Garden of Mimesis_A Note on the Life Written by Technology Artists
1999.01.26.(Sat) ─ 1999.02.28.(Sun)
The Scent of Ilmin_Poetry, Calligraphy, Painting and Craft
1999.01.26.(Sat) ─ 1999.02.28.(Sun)
New Vision 4_A Concealed History, Unknown Faces_Park Sung-tae Installation Exhibition
1998.12.09.(Wed) ─ 1998.12.24.(Thu)
The Artist of The Time_Yoon Dong-chun Solo Exhibition
1998.09.23.(Wed) ─ 1998.10.17.(Sat)
Nostalgia in 400 Years_the Shim Su-gwan Family’s Ceramic Art
1998.07.07.(Tue) ─ 1998.08.10.(Mon)
New Vision 3_Hwang Ou-chul Solo Exhibition
1998.04.29.(Wed) ─ 1998.05.13.(Wed)
Unexpected Visit I
1998.03.30.(Mon) ─ 1998.04.12.(Sun)
In the Eye of the Tiger
1998.01.15.(Thu) ─ 1998.02.28.(Sat)