Perfectly Natural_Sunny Kim / The Wicked Icon_Kim Eunjin solo exhibition
2006.01.20.(Fri) ─ 2006.02.19.(Sun)
Screening Beauty_Women Dong-A Front Cover Show
2005.12.07.(Wed) ─ 2005.12.31.(Sat)
A Portrait of the Artists As A Young Man_Oh Kyunghwan Solo Exhibition
2005.10.21.(Fri) ─ 2005.11.27.(Sun)
Project139_Clearing the Field of Fire
2005.09.01.(Thu) ─ 2005.09.25.(Sun)
DIFECA 2005 Dong-A •International Comic Festival
2005.05.20.(Fri) ─ 2005.06.26.(Sun)
No Exit_Namgoog Moon Solo Exhibition
2005.05.20.(Fri) ─ 2005.06.26.(Sun)
Red Blossom-Contemporary Woodblock Prints of Korea-China-Japan Special Exhibition
2005.02.18.(Fri) ─ 2005.04.24.(Sun)
Bi-t_Ku Jayoung Video,Performance Show / Metronome_Ahn Soojin Video,Kinetic Installation
2004.12.12.(Sun) ─ 2005.01.16.(Sun)
Humanity, the Only Hope_Choi Minshic
2004.10.06.(Wed) ─ 2004.11.21.(Sun)
DIFECA 2004_Dong-A, LG International Comic Festival
2004.07.31.(Sat) ─ 2004.08.22.(Sun)
The Memories of the Future_Suh Younsun
2004.06.11.(Fri) ─ 2004.07.18.(Sun)
Project 139_Branching Paths
2004.05.12.(Wed) ─ 2004.05.30.(Sun)