Yee Sookyung/ No Name/ Chun youngchan Solo Exhibition
2007.09.14.(Fri) ─ 2007.10.21.(Sun)
2007 Dong-A Art Festival_Seeing with the Heart / Dreamship issue 3
2007.08.03.(Fri) ─ 2007.08.19.(Sun)
Quiet Outing_Chon Joon
2007.06.15.(Fri) ─ 2007.07.15.(Sun)
The Horns of a Dilemma
2007.04.27.(Fri) ─ 2007.05.31.(Thu)
Sen Chung Solo Exhibition Wooden Heart
2008.03.14.(Fri) ─ 2008.04.20.(Sun)
Cultural Memory_The Joseon and Japan of Yanagi Muneyoshi
2006.11.10.(Fri) ─ 2007.02.25.(Sun)
BELIEVE IT OR NOT Staged by Choi Jeong-hwa
2006.09.01.(Fri) ─ 2006.10.15.(Sun)
DIFECA 2006_Dong-A, LG International Comic Festival
2006.07.21.(Fri) ─ 2006.08.13.(Sun)
2006 Dong-A Art Festival_ Jindalae Document02 Visual Poetry_Kumgangsan
2006.06.23.(Fri) ─ 2006.07.12.(Wed)
How Green Was My Valley
2006.05.05.(Fri) ─ 2006.06.04.(Sun)
Ilmin Visual Culture 2_The Image of Korean Modern Life
2006.03.03.(Fri) ─ 2006.04.16.(Sun)
Perfectly Natural_Sunny Kim / The Wicked Icon_Kim Eunjin solo exhibition
2006.01.20.(Fri) ─ 2006.02.19.(Sun)