Ilmin Visual Culture 5_Ideal Beauty & Images
2010.06.18.(Fri) ─ 2010.08.22.(Sun)
Ilmin Centennial Exhibition_Mind, Culture, and Ilmin
2010.01.19.(Tue) ─ 2010.02.28.(Sun)
Wonderful Pictures
2009.11.06.(Fri) ─ 2010.02.28.(Sun)
2009 Dong-A Art Festival_Planet A-Emergence of Species / Visible Hands
2009.09.11.(Fri) ─ 2009.10.11.(Sun)
Ilmin Visual Culture 4_The Image of Youth
2009.06.18.(Thu) ─ 2009.08.23.(Sun)
The Scene of Criticism
2009.03.13.(Fri) ─ 2009.05.17.(Sun)
Phantom REAL_Shim Jung-soo Solo Exhibition
2008.11.21.(Fri) ─ 2009.01.25.(Sun)
2008 Dong-A Art Festival_The Cake House
2008.09.11.(Thu) ─ 2008.10.12.(Sun)
Ilmin Visual Culture 3_Factory
2008.05.16.(Fri) ─ 2008.08.17.(Sun)
Sen Chung Solo Exhibition Wooden Heart
2008.03.14.(Fri) ─ 2008.04.20.(Sun)
Talking a Modernist, The Devotee of the Mundane Jung Hae Chang
2007.11.09.(Fri) ─ 2008.02.03.(Sun)
New Vision 6 Photo2 Grass_Kang Sang-hoon Solo Exhibition
1999.09.08.(Wed) ─ 1999.09.22.(Wed)