Kwon Kyunghwan —The Rule before Drying Ryu Jangbok — Transparent but Dense Jin Shiu — Staccato Black
2014.10.17.(Fri) ─ 2014.12.07.(Sun)
Human Scale
2014.06.26.(Thu) ─ 2014.09.21.(Sun)
Total Recall
2014.04.11.(Fri) ─ 2014.06.08.(Sun)
2013.12.06.(Fri) ─ 2014.03.02.(Sun)
Chung Seoyoung Solo Exhibition — The Speed of the Large, the Small, and the Wide
2013.09.13.(Fri) ─ 2013.11.17.(Sun)
Brilliant Collaborators
2013.06.28.(Fri) ─ 2013.08.25.(Sun)
Ilmin Visual Culture7_Lee Duegyoung Solo Exhibition: PARK, HANGANG
2013.03.08.(Fri) ─ 2013.04.28.(Sun)
2012.12.28.(Fri) ─ 2013.02.17.(Sun)
VIDEOCRACY_Yook Keunbyung solo exhibition
2012.10.19.(Fri) ─ 2012.12.09.(Sun)
Confession: Advertisement, Art and the Public
2012.05.18.(Fri) ─ 2012.08.19.(Sun)
2011 Dong-A Art Festival_From Yeoido to Incheon
2011.11.29.(Tue) ─ 2012.01.29.(Sun)
Choi Gene-uk, REALISM
2011.10.13.(Thu) ─ 2011.11.27.(Sun)