Décor Décor: Living Room Arcade
2023.11.25.(Sat) ─ 2023.12.31.(Sun)
이시 우드 Issy Wood
2023.9.7.(Thu) ─ 2023.11.12.(Sun)
Hysteria: Contemporary Realism Painting
2023.4.14.(Fri) ─ 2023.6.25.(Sun)
Korean Traditional Painting in Alter-age
2022.10.28.(Fri) ─ 2023.1.8.(Sun)
The Other Self
2022.8.23.(Tue) ─ 2022.10.2.(Sun)
If I ought to sing, I don't want to be part of your revolution
2022.8.23.(Tue) ─ 2022.10.2.(Sun)
UNCOMMERCIAL: Korean Commercial Photography Since 1984
2022.4.8.(Fri) ─ 2022.6.26.(Sun)
IMA Picks 2021
2021.11.19.(Fri) ― 2022.2.6.(Sun)
2021.10.1.(Fri) — 2021.10.24.(Sun)
Fortune Telling
2021.04.16.(Fri) ─ 2021.07.11.(Sun)
ANTHROPOCENE Korea X Brazil 2019-2021
2부 2021.02.01(Mon) ─ 2021.02.28(Sun)
1920 Memory Theater The Gold Rush
2020.10.08.(Thu) ─ 2020.12.27.(Sun)