I LOVE YOU_B.G.Muhn Solo Exhibition
2002.06.08.(Sat) ─ 2002.08.11.(Sun)
The Wave of Mind_Kim Ho-deuk Solo Exhibition
2002.04.12.(Fri) ─ 2002.05.19.(Sun)
Urban Paradise
2002.02.20.(Wed) ─ 2002.04.07.(Sun)
2001.10.18.(Thu) ─ 2001.11.08.(Thu)
Retrospective_ Park, Se-won
2000.09.19.(Sat) ─ 2000.10.03.(Tue)
Kwanghwamoon 139_Newspaper and Art 1920~2000
2000.07.07.(Fri) ─ 2000.08.10.(Thu)
Unexpected Visit Ⅲ_A Unique house
2000.05.04.(Thu) ─ 2000.05.18.(Thu)
the Artist of the Time_Room of Angel_Lim Young-sun Solo Exhibition
2000.04.11.(Tue) ─ 2000.04.30.(Sun)
New Vision 7_Lee Jae-hyo Solo Exhibition
2000.03.14.(Tue) ─ 2000.03.31.(Fri)
Made in Korea 2000_A Link_Artists Living in Korea
2000.02.22.(Tue) ─ 2000.03.30.(Thu)
New Vision 6_Photo2 Grass_Kang Sang-hoon Solo Exhibition
1999.09.08.(Wed) ─ 1999.09.22.(Wed)
Diamond Mountain_Art of Kumgang from 18th Century to 20th Century
1999.07.07.(Wed) ─ 1999.08.29.(Sun)